Tales of Pre-historic Adventures

Backpack B.C. is all about discovering the best pre-historic archaelogical sites the world has to offer. Join us in an adventure to take you all around the world and through the millenia, from ancient mining villages to desert excavation sites.

Our most recent adventure took us to Ireland, to discover the ancient "Fulacht Fiadh". There are thousands of these in Ireland dating from the Bronze Age (c. 1500- c. 500 BC), each comprised of a mound of burnt and fire-cracked stones and a central pit in the ground which was used as a trough.

Archaelogists there have long believed that the stones were heated on the fire and then thrown into the water, probably in order to boil meat. Recently though a group of scientists have come up with a new theory, based on the fact that boiled meat is much more labor-intensive than roasting and tastes horrible!

One group of scientists has come up with a crazy new idea - so good it might just be true. Their belief is that these sites were actually the world's first micro-breweries, and to back up their theory they put it to the test.

By gradually adding barley to the heated water, plus yeast and herbs for flavour, and then leaving it to ferment for three days, the group managed to re-create Bronze Age Beer! It is now their belief that this was the primary function of the fulacht fiadh.

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